Sylvia's Children


Children of Ethiopian origin like Kidist whose family trekked through Sudan to live in Israel only to find themselves on the periphery of Israel’s life experiences.

Children with special needs like Eitan who is separated from the other children in his neighborhood because he has autism and learns
in a special school.

They are Israel’s disadvantaged children because they are “different.”

They need an extra push in life to be sure they are included.

It is for these children that SYLVIA’S CHILDREN was established by Sylvia’s family, in loving memory of our Sylvia David who was dedicated to their inclusion. Sylvia’s Children provides art, sports, story hours and social skills workshops in which children like Kidist and Eitan participate with other neighborhood children, mainstreaming them into their schools and communities so they feel good about themselves and about being part of Israel’s community.

The Kaleidoscope approach was so important to Sylvia because it embodies and exemplifies her values of inclusion and respect for all.