Our Projects

<>Kaleidoscope integrates its approach and promotes its values and social skills in a variety of programs that are applied in schools as an educational continuum that is integrated into the school schedule. Adapted to meet the needs of different age groups, from nursery through high school,

<> Kaleidoscope provides them with an ongoing learning experience, not just an isolated program. Kaleidoscope approach is made up of exercise/experience and reflection on that experience, providing learning that can be applied to various experiences that participants encounter in their lives.


<>Developed with Israel’s Ministry of Education, various Kaleidoscope programs join to form city-wide strategies that<> <>meet the social needs of the individual cities. Programming in Akko, for example, includes our Early Childhood Initiative, Young Entrepreneurs, Professional Training, Elementary School Initiative, and the Learning Communities Initiative. These efforts combine to include different strata of Akko’s community in developing understanding between the city’s individuals of different cultures- Arab and Jewish, those of the special and general education tracks, religious and secular and new immigrant and native Israeli.